Project Description

604 Flail


CBI’s Magnum Force Flail is engineered to be the industry’s most rugged and productive delimber/debarker, capable of processing logs up to 24″ in diameter. The development of our flail was dictated by the needs of logging contractors, particularly those working with Eucalyptus and other species with “stringy” bark. When coupled with our Disc Chipper 754, the Magnum Force Flail is the ideal tool for the pulp and paper industry and others looking for high production and quality, uniform wood chips. One operator effectively controls the complete system, reducing manpower while drastically improving throughput.


Length 44′ 11″
Width 11′
Height 13′ 6″
Weight Approx. 98,000 lb


Engine CAT C18; 600 hp
Flexxaire® Fan Reversing pitch radiator fan
that reverses airflow every 5-15
minutes automatically (adjustable)

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