Project Description

754 Disc Chipper


CBI’s Magnum Force Disc Chipper 754 adds to our line of the most productive and reliable portable chippers in the world. It is capable of producing high-quality wood chips from 3/8″– 1″ for the pulp and paper industry at up to 200 tons per hour. CBI’s DC 754 is specifically designed to work in unison with the CBI Flail 604 either as a wheel-mounted or track-mounted unit. The track-mounted unit comes with a heavy-duty track frame and a retractable fifth wheel stinger. This allows operators to quickly connect the CBI Flail to the Disc Chipper and quickly move them down
the logging road, saving set-up time and skidder distance. The 75″ diameter 4-knife chipper disc is provided by Fulghum Industries, Inc., and delivers the most uniform chip thickness and chip length.


Length 34′ 8″
Width 11′
Height 13′ 1″
Weight Approx. 94,500 lb.


Engine CAT C27; 1050 hp
Drive Arimid V-belt
Flexxaire ® Fan Reversing pitch radiator fan
that reverses airflow every 5-15
minutes automatically (adjustable)

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