Project Description

Kodiak Cone Crushers

A unique roller bearing design reduces operating expenses by up to 50 percent, while improving production and energy efficiency compared to bushing crushers. The Kodiak® Plus Cone Crusher meets coarse and fine crushing application requirements and offers on-the-fly adjustability for easy operation.


HEAD DIAMETER (mm) 1,016

WEIGHT (kg) 15,875

CAPACITY (mtph) 350


HEAD DIAMETER (mm) 1,143

WEIGHT (kg) 19,278

CAPACITY (mtph) 417


HEAD DIAMETER (mm) 1,219

WEIGHT (kg) 20,639

CAPACITY (mtph) 459


HEAD DIAMETER (mm) 1,372

WEIGHT (kg) 25,628

CAPACITY (mtph) 567


HEAD DIAMETER (mm) 1,524

WEIGHT (kg) 34,927

CAPACITY (mtph) 753

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